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    • July 12, 2017
    • July 17, 2017
    • Biltmore Estate, One Lodge Street, Asheville, NC

    Plan to Join APAOG at the Southern Obstetric and Gynecologic  Seminar!

    Stay tuned for more information about an APAOG meeting at the Southern Obstetric and Gynecologic Seminar. 

    In its 62nd season, the Southern Obstetric and Gynecologic Seminar is a three day educational event designed to address relevant and timely topics in women’s health for the busy provider. Distinguished lecturers and leading experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology will present clinical best-practices and care recommendations the provider can easily implement to improve patient care and outcomes. The content covered in this year’s conference was derived from assessing the information needs and educational gaps reported by Southern’s physician membership. Information will be delivered through a series of four lectures each day, case-studies, and question and answer sessions. 

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    Accompanying the academic portion of the annual meeting, Southern’s members value the opportunity to interact socially with longstanding and new members. This year Southern has moved the Seminar to the Biltmore Estate, Gerorge W. Vanderbilt's summer house. Make plans to attend Wednesday evening’s Welcome Reception in Cedric's Loft at the Biltmore and the Friday evening Membership Banquet in the Antler Hill Main Barn at the Biltmore. 

    Book your overnight accommodations at the Village Hotel on the Biltmore Estate by clicking here or by calling(866) 779-6277 and identifying yourself as being part of the Southern Ob/Gyn Seminar room block. The cut-off date for reserving a room at the Village Hotel on the Biltmore Estate is May 29, 2016. 

    As always, Annual Meeting registration fees are determined by your membership status. You may register and pay both your annual meeting fee and membership dues online by clicking the Registration tab. Should you prefer, you can click the pdf brochure icon and print a hard copy registration form to register or pay due via fax or mail. 

    More information on Southern Obstetric and Gynecologic Seminar can be found here. 

    Location: Biltmore Estate, One Lodge Street, Asheville, NC


    • Sarah Ellestad, MD
    • Sean Esplin, MD
    • Jeffrey Garris, MD
    • Mahreen Hashmi, MD
    • Hytham Imseis, MD
    • Grover May, MD, FACOG
    • Rebecca Usadi, MD
    • August 02, 2017
    • August 04, 2017
    • Aurora, Colorado

    Why Attend 

    This interactive 2-day course is designed to provide participants with the foundation needed to become competent in the skills of knot-tying, suturing, perineal repair, and first assist role for cesarean section. Teaching methods  integrate didactic content with a hands-on skills practicum using simulation models.

    Topics will include: 

    • Perineal assessment and repair
    • Surgical skill-set
    • Surgical asepsis
    • Operative anatomy and physiology


    • Nell Tharpe, CNM, CRNFA, MS, FACNM
    • Jessica Anderson, MSN, CNM, WHNP
    • Amy Nacht, CNM, MPH

    Target Audience

    Certified Nurse Midwives and other women’s healthcare professionals who would like to improve their core skills and knowledge needed to become competent surgical first assistants.

    Registration Fees


    Full Conference

    Thursday Only

    Early Bird (by July 14)



    Regular (after July 14)






    ***Suture tool kit available for an additional $25, see website for details.***

    Continuing Education

    Please see website for CE Information.

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    • September 12, 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Webinar

    APAOG Members, be sure you are logged in to see the member rate.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017
    5PM PT/7PM CT/8PM ET 

    Speaker: Nani Cuadrado, MSPAS, PA-C


    • Define human trafficking (HT)
    • Understand the impact of HT
    • Understand risk factors of HT
    • Become familiar with indicators of HT
    • Understand available resources for victims of HT
    • September 22, 2017
    • Anschutz Medical Campus @ I-225 & Colfax Avenue

    Registration information click here.

    This ​course ​is ​designed ​for ​novice ​providers ​who ​are ​unfamiliar ​with ​obstetrical ​ultrasound. 
    New ​this ​year ​- ​additional ​3 ​hours ​of ​hands-on ​scanning ​practice ​with ​pregnant ​women! 
    Spaces ​are ​limited ​for ​both ​days ​- ​register ​early. 

    This ​intensive ​workshop ​will ​give ​advanced ​practice ​providers ​and ​physicians ​an ​understanding ​of ​the ​applications ​of ​limited ​OB ​ultrasound. ​Teaching ​methods ​integrate ​didactic ​content ​and ​a ​total ​of ​7 ​hours ​of ​hands-on ​scanning ​practicum ​with ​pregnant ​women. ​ 

    Topics ​include ​an ​introduction ​to ​ultrasound ​physics ​and ​instrumentation, ​fetal ​anatomy ​and ​biometry, ​amniotic ​fluid ​index, ​first ​trimester ​dating ​and ​markers ​of ​aneuploidy. ​ ​ 

    Each ​registrant ​will ​be ​provided ​with ​a ​programmed ​learning ​DVD ​or ​USB ​entitled ​"Obstetric ​Ultrasonography: ​Normal ​and ​Abnormal ​Findings." 
    This ​self-learning ​tool ​contains ​24 ​interactive ​chapters ​filled ​with ​diagrams, ​images ​and ​videos ​covering ​fetal ​biometry ​and ​anatomy ​in ​all ​trimesters ​including ​both ​normal ​and ​abnormal ​findings ​as ​well ​as ​the ​placenta, ​biophysical ​testing, ​physics ​and ​instrumentation. ​ ​Registrants ​will ​be ​provided ​with ​a ​list ​of ​chapters ​that ​should ​be ​studied ​prior ​to ​the ​course. ​ ​ 

    Some ​content ​will ​ONLY ​be ​covered ​in ​the ​chapters ​of ​the ​DVD/USB ​and ​then ​referred ​to ​in ​the ​lecture ​portion ​of ​the ​workshop. ​ ​Review ​of ​the ​DVD/USB ​chapters ​before ​the ​workshop ​is ​imperative ​for ​successful ​learning ​to ​occur. 

    If ​you ​register ​by ​August ​31, ​the ​DVD/USB ​will ​be ​mailed ​to ​your ​home. ​ ​After ​8/31, ​the ​DVD/USB ​can ​be ​picked ​up ​at ​our ​offices ​by ​appointment ​only. ​ ​Otherwise ​you ​will ​receive ​your ​DVD/USB ​during ​morning ​sign-in ​on ​September ​22nd. 
    The ​DVD/USB ​runs ​on ​current ​Windows ​and ​Macintosh ​operating ​systems. ​

    • October 14, 2017
    • October 16, 2017
    • Atlanta, GA


    CALL: 202-466-3825 OR EMAIL: aflorman@arhp.org

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